Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fruit Stands

We are settling into our routine.  Tuesdays is the day that we have no extra activities planned and the little ones are home from school.  We drop Taryn off at school, go to the park, then head to the fruit stand before going home for lunch and naps.

We love the fruit stand and are so excited to see what we are going to buy each week.

There are three fruit and vegetable stands within walking distance of our house.  This one is the largest.

Sebastian and Jillian get excited to start picking out fruits.

Sebastian always runs to the grapes.

Jillian is collecting all our fruit.
The best part is the price!
You can only buy so much because it goes bad quickly,
but we were able to buy all that fruit for
7 pounds which is equivalent to a little over $12.

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