Monday, November 23, 2015


I hate the cold...I grew up in the desert and have never lived anywhere that has a winter.  I hate cold...I hate snow...I hate anything that has anything to do with winter except Christmas of course!

As we were bundled up this morning to brave the 32 degree fahrenheit (I refuse to learn Celsius), Taryn asked when we can move back to somewhere warm.  Agree, honey!  Unfortunately, Jason loves this weather.  Jillian and Sebastian don't seem to be phased by it either.   Winter makes me nervous, can I survive?  Will I survive without a car?

Wish me luck as we get colder and colder and darker and darker!

Starting to Look like Winter

I stole Jason's Jacket because mine was wet from walking earlier in the day.
I sent the picture to Jason and he didn't appreciate it.

Totally Not Prepared for the Cold

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