Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Taryn Trying to Adjust

My sweet Taryn is trying to handle so many emotions right now that she is struggling and my heart is breaking for her.

She loves London!  She is eating so much better here and willing to try new things.  She loves Thai food!  She is excellent on her scooter now and can maneuver through people.  She loves the parks and exploring new playgrounds.  She loves all the palaces and the traditions.  She is trying so hard to talk with a British accent, it is so cute.  Her manners are impressive and she is constantly aware of them.

She is in no hurry to return to the states but I think she would move all her friends here.  She misses them so much!

She is trying so hard to make new friends and gets so nervous about not being accepted.  She is constantly having tummy aches from the anxiety.  She has never really had to make friends.  She had been going to to the same daycare since she was 12 weeks old so she was the one doing the accepting of new kids.  Her closest friends were instant because we were friends with their parents.  She also had Kysen, her cousin, who adores her right by her side.  She is in a new environment and it is teaching her great skills that will help her throughout her life.  She doesn't understand it now and struggles with it everyday.

I pray that she will have the patience to make friends and that she will continue to grow.  She is on an amazing journey and I hope she continues to follow the path!

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