Monday, November 23, 2015

Wednesday Schedule

We are starting to settle into our schedule.  Wednesdays is our craziest day but our fun day too!  I thought I would share what our typical Wednesday looks like.

Wake up
Take Jillian and Sebastian to School
Drop Taryn Off at School
Go to the Butcher's Shop
Pick up Flowers for Decorating (this is one of my favorite things!)
Go to Body Balance which is a combination of Pilates and Yoga (another one of my favorite things!)
Grab a Bite to Eat
Pick up Jillian and Sebastian
Walk around Chiswick Park
Head to Swimming (Sebastian first then Jillian follow)
Jillian and Sebastian eat snack
Pick up Taryn from Street Dance (it is helping her come out of her shell so much!)
Play on Playground
Head Home
Order Dinner
Drink Wine  (Absolutely, my most favorite part of my day!!!)

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