Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Adjusting to Darkness

Disclaimer:  I started this post in early December and just finishing it up now!  I blame this darkness for the funk that I was in during the month of December.  Christmas snuck up on me and I was scrambling trying to make everything happen!  I seriously only functioned for a few hours a day.  But the good news it that the sun is setting a little later again and I like it so much more!

I am struggling with adapting to London right now.  Christmas is absolutely my favorite holiday but I can't get into the Christmas mood.  The sun goes down so early and it only stays dusk for a little bit.  By 4:30 pm, it looks like 9 pm.  I want to crawl into bed at 5:30 and my motivation to get things done is low to nonexistent.

There pictures were taken at 4:30 pm.  We've been taking Vitamin D!

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