Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Go Chiefs!

We bought tickets to the Chiefs/Lions game when we first moved here.  The Chiefs had been on a losing streak so Jason was a little nervous about the game.  Needless to say this was the start of their winning streak and they are headed to the playoffs!

The kids loved it!  Sebastian was ready to start playing football immediately.  Jillian was a little overwhelmed at first but then started having fun.  Taryn loved the cheerleaders and started understanding the basics of football.

We actually ended up on TV and our whole section was excited!

A couple of interesting cultural observations.  There were lots of Americans who travelled to the game and turned it into a vacation.  If you travelled to London, would you spend the day at an American Football game?  There were also lots of British people who were interested in experiencing it live and trying to understand it.

Before the game, they played the Stars Bangled Banner and then God Save the Queen.  I cried during the Stars Bangled Banner.  It was the first time that missing home hit so hard.  Jason was laughing at me and was wondering if the irony was lost on everyone there.