Thursday, January 21, 2016

Pet Peeve No Walking Rules

My rant for the day:

They drive on the wrong side of the road, they drive fast, and there is lots of traffic.  It terrifies me and dare I say that I will never drive in London.  Honestly, I don't miss driving at all.

London is very pedestrian friendly making walking super easy just kind of slow.  They have subways that go under the busy streets, lots of cross walks, and even sections where pedestrians have the right of way.  Even when the pedestrian has the right of way, you still have to make eye contact with the driver of the vehicle to make sure they are going to stop.

Here is where walking gets weird and difficult.  They have no rules for which side of the street you should walk on or which side you should use to pass someone.  It feels like I do a weird, awkward dance with multiple people every day as each one of us tries to decide which way to move.  It gets even funnier when I have the stroller or the kids are on their scooters.  I have asked people about which side should you walk on and no one seems to know.  You can't teach the kids, I am constantly saying, move out of the way but don't know which way they should move.  It is too funny and absolutely annoying when you are in a hurry!

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