Saturday, February 6, 2016

Munich Christmas Market

Jason had work meetings in Munich so we tagged along.  We basically took a trip to Munich to go the Christmas Markets and Beer Garden.  Jillian was not enjoying any part of this trip.  She was so frustrated with having to be in the stroller that she kept throwing fits.  She was also so happy to have Jason around that she did not want to share her daddy.  (He spent a lot of time in October, November, and December traveling)

The Christmas market was amazing!  There was so much food and shopping that it was amazing.  They had the most incredible Nativity Scenes.  We went early in the morning so there wasn't too many people.  By the time we left, it was so crowded.  The German buildings behind the market gave an incredible backdrop.  There was mulled wine everywhere so of course we had to try it.  It was different and I really enjoyed it.

The displays were beautiful.  Everywhere you looked there was Christmas trees - one balconies, in windows, on the street.  It definitely had Christmas in the air.  One of the best window displays was a stuffed animal winter scene.  The kids loved it so much,  they were annoyed when I tried to take their picture.  They were begging for a stuffed animal, but they were expensive!

We went to a great beer garden for lunch.  Jason made fun of me because I was drinking wine in Germany.  I can only handle so much beer and I had one later!  The kids loved the restaurant and the people were so kind.  The little two would not sit still for a picture but I love the moment this captured!

That evening, we went wondering around and stumbled on a different Christmas market.  It was similar to the other one but in the middle of it there was a game similar to curling.  Everyone was laughing and having fun.  It was so great to be there!

The next day before we left, we took the kids to the Deutsches Museum.  There were huge ships that the kids loved.  They had the best kid area.  The kids were so busy running around that we only got a couple of pictures.

Until next time, Germany!  Cheers!

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