Saturday, June 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

So I have a confession to make, I haven't been blogging because I got really really really mad.  I couldn't find all my Christmas pictures and I was so sad that I just quit blogging.  The ridiculous part of it is that I have found my pictures so now I'm ready to blog again.  And then, I've written this blog 4 times because it stops saving.  This has definitely irritated me!

Christmas in London was interesting and we loved it.  We did so many different things and so many new experiences.  We tried minced pies (even though Jason insisted that Santa doesn't want another minced pie at our house), visited parks with lights, and even joined a sing-along.

We kicked off Christmas by visiting Father Christmas.  We went into Santa's Grotto where we were greeted by elves.  Santa talked to the kids about Christmas and what he expected of them.  He told them that when they woke up they should go to the window and make sure the sun was out before waking up mum and dad.  The funny part is that in December the sun rises really late!  He also talked to the kids about what to leave out for him to eat and drink.  The other children from London where leaving out minced pies and sherry while our kids were saying cookies and milk.  Once Father Christmas finishes talking, then the kids take pictures with him.  Of course, our kids got extremely timid and we all took our picture with Father Christmas.  We got a couple of cute pictures of the kids outside.

Our next Christmas adventure was going to Royal Albert's Hall in South Kensington to a Christmas Carol Singalong.  It was so much fun and they did a great job of including kids songs as well as beautiful carols for adults.  The kids loved it!

We went to Kew Gardens and walked the path.  When you first arrive there is a person who welcomes you and mentions that their will be no flashing Christmas tree lights because that is just tacky.  One of the first exhibits you approach is Christmas rope lights moving up and down while the trees sing.  It is really cool and the kids loved it!  There was a garden of fire that was also very impressive.  It was hard to get good pictures but I'm definitely trying next Christmas to take better pictures.  We also made a brief appearance at Hyde Park for Winter Wonderland.  Our kids were so overwhelmed that we didn't stay long.

We opened presents on Christmas Eve.  We FaceTimed with our families as we opened presents.  It was fun to open presents together.  We also ate Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve.  We went the easy way and ordered a prepared turkey from Whole Foods.  It was really good but we destroyed our tiny kitchen! (On a side note, do you love the washer and dryer in our kitchen?!?!)

Christmas Eve pictures...they aren't the best.  The kids were exhausted and I was struggling with my camera.

We woke up Christmas morning and opened our presents from Father Christmas.  The kids loved it.  Then we opened up family presents.  We decided to make Christmas smaller so we didn't clutter our small house.  Everyone got 4 presents - 1 thing they wanted, 1 thing they needed, 1 thing to wear, and 1 thing to read.  It was lots of fun and the kids loved opening similar items together.  We then headed to church with our friends and packed for Paris!

These were my 1 thing you wear present and my absolute favorite!  I wear them all the time here even when its raining!

It was the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR and it was fun to relive it through the blog.  Sorry for the really late and really long post!

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