Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cat and Mouse

Ugh, I hate it, we have mice.  There is one tiny little mouse that loves to run across our kitchen floor late and night.  I think it just does it to scare me to death.  I hate their tails!!!

Well, let me back up a little bit.  We have about 3 cats that come around our house pretty regularly that the kids have named.  There is a white one named Snow Fluffy, a black pregnant cat named Daniel, and a scrawny cat named Tiger.  Snow Fluffy has been coming around a lot because the kids leave their tennis ball out and she loves to play with it.

So last night, Snow Fluffy shoes up and starts attacking something in our backyard.  Ohh, I get excited, I'm thinking she is going to get that annoying little mouse.  Nope, she killed a frog and was so proud of herself.  But then...she left it in our backyard.  I was truly disappointed.

I want to introduce you to Snow Fluffy...

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