Thursday, September 8, 2016

Language and Speech Workshop

Sebastian is delayed in his speech and is sometimes hard to understand when he is talking.  It has caused him to withdraw from other kids in social settings so we've seen a therapist a couple of times to try to help him.  The therapist has referred us to a Language and Speech Workshop at a school in Feltham (7 miles from Chiswick).  The logistics of it all have made me nervous since the beginning but today I completely failed!

All of us - Jason, Taryn, Sebastian, Jillian and me - yes, this took every single one of us this morning and still didn't go smoothly!  I digress, we all walked Jillian to school where she was much more shy today.  It took a little more effort to get her to go in and start her day.  She talked about how she misses Sebastian all the way walking to school.

Then Jason and Taryn walked us to the train station where we said goodbye.  Jason took Taryn to her first day of school while Sebastian and I got on a train to go to Feltham.  And here is where everything falls apart.  Chiswick Train Station is the worst by far!  The boards don't say which trains are coming or where they are calling.  All they say is Welcome to Chiswick, seriously!??!  So a train comes and I tell Sebastian that its going the right way and I believe it is our train.  We get on and then I tell him the next stop is ours then all of a sudden it says the next stop is Whitton.  I'm totally lost and have no idea if we are headed towards Feltham or not.  The next stop is St Margaret's so now I know we are not where we need to be so we hop of the train and I order a taxi.  I'm so frustrated and feel horrible that he is going to be late on his first day of school.  The taxi driver comes and he nicely says that St Margaret's is quite a ways from Feltham.  Yes, I know...

We pull up to Sebastian's school and I had completely forgotten that I had given Jason all my cash that morning so now I can't even pay the taxi driver.  I run Sebastian into school and give him a quick kiss (I think and hope I did).  The taxi driver takes me to an ATM so I can pay him.  I wonder around Feltham for about 30 minutes and realize that this is nothing like Chiswick.  I find a Starbucks plop down and type of this blog entry.

I picked Sebastian up and he was all smiles and very chatty!  He enjoyed his workshop and was very excited about what he learned.  We are back on a train tomorrow morning and hopefully it goes a lot smoother.

Its all worth it for these smiles at the end of the day!

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