Thursday, September 8, 2016

Phonics Test Success!

Taryn had a rough start to school and really struggled with the new expectations.  She really struggled with phonics and reading.  She had a interventionist that pulled her out of class a couple of times a week to focus on her reading.  We were playing phonics games at home and constantly working on her reading.

At the Easter break, Taryn had a complete meltdown.  She was tired from trying so hard and she is not capable of reading.  She told me that all she wants is to be able to read.  We worked hard over that two week break - lots of reading, some easy and some extremely hard.  We practiced sight words and worked on phonics.  We talked about confidence and that you have to believe in yourself.  She learned that you have to work hard to accomplish goals and not to ever give up.  She went back to school with a new attitude and an eagerness to learn.  She quit comparing herself to other kids and started trying her hardest.  Within two weeks, she was reading!!!

Then in June, all year 1 students had to take a phonics assessment.  I think I was more nervous than Taryn that week.  Every morning she would say, "Quit worrying, Mom, I got this".  She was the last one in her class to take the phonics assessment, she came running out of her class to tell me she got 39/49 correct!  She passed and did so well!  I was so proud of her.  Her teacher, Miss Bruce, was so proud of Taryn's hard work and accomplishment that she gave her a certificate.  I hope that every time Taryn looks at that certificate she remembers all the hard work and accomplishing her goal.

As Taryn starts Year 2 today, I'm looking forward to watching her accomplish new goals and to overcome new challenges.  I hope she continues to build her confidence and continues to try new things.

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