Thursday, October 20, 2016

Oktoberfest in London

One of my most favorite night outs was going to an Oktoberfest.  We met friends at Hawker House which is a warehouse where the beer was flowing and lots of food stalls!  We went in the late afternoon so that we would have time to recover before being woke up by the kids early Sunday morning.  We always go out for wine or dinner but rarely do we go out to something related to beer.  Of course, Jason loves beer and was enjoying every minute.

Jason matching up the beers

They were very clever in how they set it up as a "World Final - English versus German Beers".  Upon arrival, you are given a pint of English or German beer to start the night.  Then you are given ten 1/4 pints of English beers and ten 1/4 pints of German beers.  You are given the beers on a tasting tray with numbers but the trays didn't fit our "table" (which was a barrel that we could stand around) so we removed the beers from the tray.  We got so many dirty looks or head shakes about this horrible thing we did.  We loved it and had so much fun playing guess that beer!

1/4 Tasting Pints - German versus English

The right side of the table was German beers and the right side of the table was English beers.  There were four or us so we had plenty of beer!  We unanimously decided that the German beer was better. They even served a grapefruit beer that tasted so good that I've been on the hunt to buy some for the house.  The English did not chose their best beers, and two of them ended up being absolutely horrendous!

Let's Start Tasting!
This was one of my favorite nights out in London!  Cheers!

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