Sunday, November 27, 2016

Thanksgiving in London

I love Thanksgiving in London!  The weather is cool and crisp.  This year it was also amazingly dry! I went for a run Thanksgiving morning and it was hard to breath with the cool air but I found myself smiling with my music blaring as I took in the scenery.

We also get together and have a potluck dinner with our American friends and their families.  This year we were fortunate and celebrated Thanksgiving 3 times!  Jason missed both potlucks with our friends so we took him to Sunday roast.  It is so much fun to have a range of dishes that people would eat at their Thanksgiving dinner back home.  The kids love getting together and running around.  The house is loud, the food smells wonderful, we eat way too much and it actually feels like we are back home as we talk about what we are thankful for.  The hostesses this weekend were so gracious in opening their house to us.  The flowers and turkey looked so beautiful together!  The mulled wine and egg nog were delicious too.  These get togethers also make me nervous and anxious.  I'm always worried that my kids are going to break something, hit someone, or destroy someone else's house.  It is a blessing and a curse all wrapped up in one but sipping on my adult beverages definitely helped keep my nerves in check.

One of our friends was a teacher back home and she read Thanksgiving books to the kids.  My kids loved it and loved how animated storytelling could be.  She also shared poems with the kids.   My kids have never heard reading like that.  We read to them but usually by the end of the day all enthusiasm is gone and there are not multiple voices in our story telling.  Taryn loved it so much she asked if Sabrina could read at her birthday party while they are eating.

Taryn also received her first love letter.  It was so cute as Ollie professed his love for Taryn.  Taryn explained to me on our walk home that she thinks things will work out between the two of them but she is going to play hard to get.  Plus, she is a little young to get married so they will talk about it again when they are in high school. (Ha, still too young, sweetheart!)  She said that it made her feel special that a boy could be so sweet to her.  It was precious!

We finished our Thanksgiving weekend by going to Sunday roast at our favorite pub.  We all talked about what we are thankful for and it was all very similar.  Sebastian is thankful that we are living in London.  All the kids mentioned that they are thankful for their schools.  Taryn is thankful that we have money so we can buy things like food and clothes.  She is also thankful for money so she can go shopping at Tiger.  Jillian was thankful for Taryn.  Jason and I were thankful for our family and for living in London.

We have been blessed over the last 14 months of living in London.  We have made friendships that are going to last a life time.  We have learned so much about the British culture and how to adapt to others.  We have travelled all over Europe and will continue to travel.  We are always surrounded by history and culture.  We have learned to depend on each other as a family.  This time of year also makes us miss our families and friends.  It is hard to see everyone together eating turkey and being so far away.  We are thankful for technology so that we can share the holiday with each other.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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