Monday, August 31, 2015

Our New Reality

I'm sitting at my parents house thinking about the last couple of weeks and the reality of our new life is starting to become a reality.  I quit my job, packed up our house, drove to El Paso, visited family in Albuquerque, and now we are packing for our house hunting trip to London.  We were so busy that I don't think I had really processed that we are moving to London.  Packing a house with 3 sets of movers was insane and leaves no time for thinking!  We talked about it and what we wanted to do while we were there but all those conversations sounded like we were planning a vacation, not moving there.

We talked to our real estate agent on Thursday and we are going to focus our house hunting in Chiswick.  She said that she would collect us at the hotel on Thursday morning and I chuckled as I thought about all the different uses of words that we are going to learn.  We are going to look for a house in LONDON that we will live in for the next 2 years (hopefully)!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we head over to London that we can find a place to live!  Also, pray that my parents survive keeping all three kids for a week.

Let the journey across the pond begin!

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