Thursday, October 15, 2015

Parks, Parks, and More Parks

Since we have a tiny garden that needs lots of TLC, we love parks.  We explore them during the week and have added them to our daily routines.  There are tons of parks and each park seems to offer something different.  I'm sure it is similar to any large city that doesn't have backyards but for us its a new adventure.

Our first weekend here, the Turnman Green Park and Church had a carnival.  It was so much fun and so easy!  It was insane, there were no lines.  Basically, each parent walks up to the ride and puts their child on then they come around and take your ticket.  As long as their is space for your child, you are on the ride.  There was no telling the kids, stop, wait your turn, please don't push.  The parents just all nicely put their kids on the ride and then moved on to the next.  Also, they didn't seem concerned about height or weight or anything.  If you pay for a ticket, you ride so Jillian rode her first roller coaster.  Part of the carnival, was this ridiculously large blow up Minion slide, Taryn is still talking about the slide.  By the way, Minions are HUGE here!

We also play soccer at Turnam Green park on Thursdays.  It a large open space that is about a 5-10 minute walk from our house.  We go here after school sometimes too.

We also went to the Diana Memorial Park in Kensington.  The kids loved it!  There is this huge ship that you can climb all over.  There are tons of little playgrounds surrounding it.  There is definitely not a shortage of entertainment for little ones.  Also, if you talk to local people, they are so proud of the playground.  It is really interesting to hear them recommend it as THE playground to take your child to.

We also went and explored St James Park near Buckingham Palace.  It was perfect with the sun shining and the leaves starting to fall.  It is amazing to live in a climate where you actually have a fall.  We wear long sleeves and a light jacket.  I have a feeling that the cold is about to come though.

There is a park that is close to the little ones school which is Chiswick House and Park.  It is amazing!  It has tons of trails and a stream that runs through it.  There are lots of ducks and squirrels. There is also a new cafe and playground with toilets (very important with little ones)!

We have several playgrounds and parks close to our house too.  The little ones go on Tuesday mornings after we drop Taryn off at school.  If its a nice afternoon, we try to go to the playground after we pick Taryn up too.  They kids love it!

We have many more parks to explore!  The parks are definitely our saving grace.  The kids love them and exploring.  It gets us out of the house and away from the busy streets so they can run, play, whatever they want.  The English allow their children to be much more independent and they don't watch them as closely.  We are having to learn to let our kids explore on their own more.

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