Thursday, October 15, 2015

Reflection of a Challenging Day

Today was the day that I struggled as a Stay at Home Mom.  I've been loving it and the interactions with the kids are intriguing and amusing but today it was just challenging.

I was longing for intelligent conversations with adults that had nothing to do with kids or about kids or to kids.  I wanted to not have to repeat the same thing for the 100th time or answer the question why, or listen to fighting.  My patience was wearing out and I wanted to scream too.  The kids were just as frustrated with me, there were tons of temper tantrums, yelling, and stomping.  I knew this day would come but I didn't know how awful it would make me feel.

I just broke down and started crying, what kind of example am I being for my kids?  How are they suppose to learn to deal with frustration if I can't?  What is my outlet for frustration now?  There were so many questions and moments of self doubt as a mom today.

As I sit here reflecting on the day, I want to do better next time.  I want to have more patience and I want to be a better example.  Even with a horrible day like today, I don't want to trade the time with the kids.  I'll get better at this and they will learn that we all make mistakes even Mommy but we get to start over tomorrow.

This picture pretty much sums it up....

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