Tuesday, November 3, 2015

A Few Things I Have Learned from the British

We have been here a month, I can't believe it.  It has gone so fast!

I was talking to my mom last night and realized that I'm starting to adopt a few British customs:

1.  I love my tea especially in the morning.  English breakfast tea with a splash of milk is my favorite.  I love my fall apple tea in the afternoon and it makes my house smell amazing as it brews!  I even bought an electrical kettle.

2.  I bought a bunch of lollies to bribe my kids to be good in public.  If you go play football, then I will give you a lollie as we walk home.   Don't throw a fit, put on your shoes, and here is a lollie.

3.  I enjoy walking everywhere.  I get exercise all day long and you can always explore new ways to walk.  I love the scenery and finding new places to go.

There are a few British ways that I have a hard time figuring out:

1.  I can't bring myself to say Cheers instead of thank you.  Everyone does it: at the pub, at the store, as you hold a door for them.  Jason loves it and has started saying it but I just can't quite do it.

2. The jumping a queue terrifies me.  As I wait for busses, I just go on last to make sure that I didn't jump in front of anyone.  I always blame the kids!

3.  I don't know when it is appropriate to talk to someone and when it is not.  I kind of adopted the rule that if they are American, I talk to them like I normally would in the States.  If they are British, then I let them engage me first.  I think they tolerate me sometimes instead of really wanting to talk to me.

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