Monday, November 23, 2015

Growing Up

My baby is growing up...she's outgrowing her 2t clothes.  She will eat anything you put in front of her.  She loves Thai food, American food, Meat, Vegetables, Italian food, Indian Food, Spanish Food, etc. She will try anything!  With all of this, she is growing a belly then she shoots up in height!

I put her in one of my favorite Persnickety sweatshirts before she outgrows it!  She was so cute!


I hate the cold...I grew up in the desert and have never lived anywhere that has a winter.  I hate cold...I hate snow...I hate anything that has anything to do with winter except Christmas of course!

As we were bundled up this morning to brave the 32 degree fahrenheit (I refuse to learn Celsius), Taryn asked when we can move back to somewhere warm.  Agree, honey!  Unfortunately, Jason loves this weather.  Jillian and Sebastian don't seem to be phased by it either.   Winter makes me nervous, can I survive?  Will I survive without a car?

Wish me luck as we get colder and colder and darker and darker!

Starting to Look like Winter

I stole Jason's Jacket because mine was wet from walking earlier in the day.
I sent the picture to Jason and he didn't appreciate it.

Totally Not Prepared for the Cold

Wednesday Schedule

We are starting to settle into our schedule.  Wednesdays is our craziest day but our fun day too!  I thought I would share what our typical Wednesday looks like.

Wake up
Take Jillian and Sebastian to School
Drop Taryn Off at School
Go to the Butcher's Shop
Pick up Flowers for Decorating (this is one of my favorite things!)
Go to Body Balance which is a combination of Pilates and Yoga (another one of my favorite things!)
Grab a Bite to Eat
Pick up Jillian and Sebastian
Walk around Chiswick Park
Head to Swimming (Sebastian first then Jillian follow)
Jillian and Sebastian eat snack
Pick up Taryn from Street Dance (it is helping her come out of her shell so much!)
Play on Playground
Head Home
Order Dinner
Drink Wine  (Absolutely, my most favorite part of my day!!!)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Simple Life

We keep getting asked what is the biggest difference between living in Texas and living here.

I think the easiest way to explain it is that our life became simpler.  The millions of things we owned before have been dwindled down to the things we cherish the most.  We have had to squeeze into a house that feels tiny to us but is a great size by London standards.
My laundry room is in my kitchen.

My pantry is a cabinet. That fancy thing below is our electrical socket. 

Our refrigerator and our freezer is the same size.
We love our books and a few decorations that we  have on our shelves.

We created a craft corner and we are waiting on a craft table to fill our 2nd reception area.

The kids toy cabinet.  They have a few more toys upstairs but they took our
humongous play room in San Antonio down to a cabinet in London.

Not having a car is wonderful.  If I never had to drive again, I would be happy!  You get to walk and enjoy the scenery.  Stop and smell the roses has taken on a whole new meaning in my life.  We don't have to mess with a car or the yelling as I'm fastening one of the kids into their car seat.  They love riding the train or bus and the time we get to spend looking out the window instead of driving is priceless.

The street we walk to get to the little ones' nursery.

The park we walk through to get to Taryn's school.

Everything is delivered to you...ironing is picked up and dropped off, cases of wine, groceries, tea, meals...anything you want delivered to you.  There is no more fighting at the grocery store about what to buy or I want this or I want that.  There will be a future post about deliveries and the impact on our life!

Our grocery delivery today.
And our wine delivery

We are settling into our simple life and I must say that I'm enjoying it.  Chiswick has a relaxed, family atmosphere that it makes it easy to adapt and fall right into life.

The view today from our couch.

We are waiting on the last of our furniture to arrive, once it does, I promise to give a tour of the house!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Pictures in Chiswick Park

It was half term (we go to school year round here so we have week breaks throughout the year) here and we needed out of the house.  It was a beautiful afternoon so we took advantage of the gorgeous weather and headed to the park to take pictures.  It also gave me practice with my camera and my editing skills.  It was so much fun!  Here are my favorite pictures from the afternoon!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Oh my goodness, Halloween is a non-event here!  I am so ready to turn British and not dress up anymore!  The rugby finals started at 4 on Halloween which was quite the event and much more important that Trick or Treating!

Sebastian was Jake, Jillian was Minnie Mouse, and Taryn was Elsa.  They actually called each other by the name of their character all night, it was so cute.

We got dressed up and went over to a friend's house.  We had midwestern Chili and guacamole which were wonderful!  All the kids ran around in their costumes and had a blast.    They played with bubbles, confetti poppers, and glow in the dark bracelets.  (Quick side note - Having a get together at your small house with lots of children guarantees that your house will look like a tornado came through.  I haven't been brave enough to have everyone over yet.)

Our house is owned by a husband who is British and the wife who is American.  She would make such a big deal about Halloween that several of our neighbors mentioned to us that it would be good to have Americans on the street again.  I was so not prepared for this and will have to work on my Halloween decorations or completely give it up, hmmm, one or the other.  We came back to our neighborhood to go trick or treating.  Only 1 in about 10 house participates and you know to go to the door if there is a lit pumpkin on their porch.  The kids were running from house to house looking for lit pumpkins.  We only got home with maybe 1/8 of their small bucket filled with candy!

Most houses looked like this...dark and no decorations, just another night

The houses that participated usually only had a simple lit pumpkin. 

The streets were pretty quiet.

Every so often, you would find a house that went all out for Halloween.

They had tons of fun and it was a great experience!