Thursday, October 20, 2016

Paris in Pictures, Christmas 2015

As I go through our Paris pictures, better late than never, the word that keeps coming to mind is perspective.  I loved Paris and it was one of our first trips when we moved here.  I remember telling Taryn that I waited 37 years to see Paris and she is getting to experience it at 5.  I think Taryn thought I was crazy and really didn’t understand how blessed we were to be able to broaden our view of the world by moving to Europe.  Over the last year, Taryn has started to realize that most people don’t get to have these experiences in a life time and she is doing it all before the age of 7.  She has started to say, “My friends from Texas don’t get to go to Central London any time they want to.  They don’t get to travel to Paris or Italy or Germany.  I am lucky, aren’t I?”  Its so sweet to see how much she has grown up and how much she loves the traveling.  She continues to learn about each place we visit.  Every trip impacts her different and creates a special puzzle piece that starts to form the person she is.  My heart loves it when she says, “One day, Mommy, I’m going to live in Paris!”  

Jillian was fascinated with the water.  She loved that the water was in the middle the city and constantly asked to be picked up so she could see the water.  She also ate and ate and ate while we were there.  She tried everything and loved French food!

Sebastian loved the Eiffel tower.  He asked us to take 100 pictures of it from every angle possible.  He was constantly looking for it and would get so excited when we would turn an corner and there it stood.

We took lots of pictures and some of them are of the same thing multiple times.  Every time I look at them, I love thinking about how we all fell in love with Paris for different reasons.  I can’t wait for the kids to get bigger and to go back to Paris!  I would love to hear the perspective the 2nd time!