Thursday, December 1, 2016

The Frustration....

I posted some of my favorite moments from walking to school and how these moments are so special but there is always a downside.  There are times that I wish we were in a car so that I could correct them without everyone watching.  Honestly, its not even just watching, it is the judging and the determining what kind of parent I am.  Well, I am a parent that loses it at times and it is on full display for everyone in sight.

Jillian throws the worst fits on the street.  The full blown yelling and crying for all to see how deprived she is of whatever she wants RIGHT NOW!  She is also brilliant at doing this when we need to go to an activity or going to pick up the big ones from school.  It is like she knows that I have a deadline and she is going to stand in her place, refuse to move, and scream at the top of her lungs.  It is such a production, once we actually had a policeman stop to make sure that she is ok.  He asked her if I was her mum and if I was taking care of her.  She nodded her head slowly and her eyes got so big but it did not scare her to not do it again, ugh!

Sebastian is the worst and he is so cheeky!  He runs away, the complete opposite way of where we need to go and he doesn't stop.  He runs diagonally so it is harder for you to catch him.  This makes me so angry and I worry that he is going to get hurt or that he is going to disappear.  This morning we had a full blown yelling match on the sidewalk as he started running the opposite way.  We were late and had to run to Jillian's school in order to make the train to Feltham.  He got mad at me because I was a little bit in front of him and instead of using logic and running a little faster or asking me to slow down, he ran the opposite way.  I turn and tell him to come on and he keeps running the opposite way.  I yelled his name so loud that I think it scared him but it didn't stop him.  Jillian and I started walking towards her school again and he finally ran to catch up as he was yelling at me.  Ugh!

Taryn has gotten much better at walking and doesn't frustrate me as much as the little two.  Taryn has also gotten smart about telling me things that I might not like while we are walking because my reaction has to be calmer than when she tells me at home.  I find myself digging my hands deeper and deeper into my pocket, ugh.

I have no pictures for this post...we don't take the pictures of the moments that frustrate us.  We don't capture the bad as frequently as we do the good.  These bad and frustrating moments are what makes me a better mom.  After the policeman with Jillian, I thought about how can I handle those situations better, I haven't completely figured it out but they are happening less frequently.  Sebastian and I got on the train this morning (yes, we made it as the doors were shutting) and I started crying.  I told him how scared he makes me when he does that and he apologized.  I am already brainstorming how to prevent it from being a yelling match next time.  I have time to process Taryn's bad news and give a much better answer once we walk home instead of just reacting.  I need the frustrating moments to teach myself and to make me a better mom and to kick my analyzing brain into gear.  UGH!

It is all English, Right?!?!?

Taryn always comes home and says something that I'm very confused by.  She kept saying that she is learning a new hand writing style then would kind of mumble what it was called.  I called it cursive and she just made a face at me like I was the crazy one.  I could never quite understand her.  So I just kind of nodded and said keep practicing!

We met some of our London friends in Barcelona for brunch one morning.  Taryn wrote a sweet note to her friend.  Her friend's dad picks up the note and says, "Good job, Taryn, on your joined up handwriting."  Wait, wait...I realized that he called this handwriting the appropriate name.  It still feels like a mouth full to me and takes to long and prefer cursive.

Speaking of words, I prefer.  As the kids and I were walking to school the other morning, we were comparing what things are called in London versus San Antonio.  The kids unanimously voted for the British word while I still think some of the American words make more sense.

Pavement = Sidewalk
Bin = Trash Can
Rubbish = Trash
Courgette = Squash
Aubergine = Eggplant
Trainers = Tennis Shoes
Trousers = Pants
Pants = Underwear
Rubber = Eraser
Boot = Trunk
lorry = truck
Felt Tip Pens = Markers
lady bird = ladybug
till = cash register
trolley = grocery cart
toilet/lou = bathroom/restroom

It was a hilarious conversation!  Taryn wants to have a British accent so bad!  She fakes an accent and sounds Australian which is too funny.  Sebastian has the strongest British accent with all of the extra focus on his speech.  Jillian is developing her vocabulary and is the most consistent with using the British word.

These moments and walking to and from school are so special.  I will treasure this time with the kids forever and I am so thankful for it.

Missing Each Other

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings, we drop Taryn off at school first and then we take Jillian to school before heading to Feltham for Sebastian's Language School.  We have about a 10-15 minute walk between Taryn's school and Jillian's.  The conversations that happen on this walk are so special.  The bond between Sebastian and Jillian always amazes me.  The way they communicate with each other and watch out for each other.

The other morning, we are walking and Jillian gets tears in her eyes.  Sebastian turns to her and asks so gently, "What is wrong, Jill Jill?"  She stops and turns to him, "I miss you at school.  It is harder without you there."  They wrap their arms around each other and walk together for a couple of minutes in silence.  Sebastian then responds, "I miss going to school with you too."

I have tried to capture these moments for them to cherish as they grow up.